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We not only view Noble Truss, Inc. as a vendor, but more importantly a business partner. Although we make the majority of trusses in house we look to Noble when we have large trusses that we are not equipped to make or our schedule is just too heavy.

Noble has always gone over the top on their customer service to accommodate our schedule and needs. On more than one occasion we have asked them for lead times that I thought would not be possible. I can remember one time we placed an order for some garage trusses and as soon as we hung up the phone we had a truck and trailer headed to their plant. To my surprise, the pack was ready by the time our truck got there an hour and a half later. On many other occasions they have delivered jobs the next day. Although this is the type of service you would expect to pay a premium for, Noble does it at a very competitive rate.

Thank you for the wonderful service.

Greg Erickson

General Manager, Tuff Shed, Inc.

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